Norsey Woodland Crafts based in Billericay, Essex are makers of traditional and modern woodland products from sustainable coppicing at Norsey Wood. Makers of British BBQ charcoal and firewood suppliers. They are passionate that their products are coppiced locally, made locally and sold locally. With all products they are able to say which area of the woodland the timber was sourced from and on certain products the exact spot the timber came from.

There are a numerous benefits to utilising locally produced coppiced products. Mainly it is essential to the woodland management, creating greater diversity. Wildlife including the dormouse and certain butterflies, such as Pearl Bordered Fritillaries are dependent on good coppicing.

Also by using locally made coppiced products you are supporting small traditional business and ensuring fuel miles and carbon emissions are kept to a minimum along with helping to sustain the management of a beautiful woodland.

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latest News

Chain saw carved headIf you go down the woods to today your sure of a big surprise. We have now started producing a range of chain saw carved Green Men (spirit of the wood) and also a range of Easter Island style heads.
Along with these we have a very diverse range of mood face logs. These bring a smile to most peoples faces. Pictures and further details will be added to the products page in the near future.

Mood Face Logs

Now available
Keep warm this winter. Seasoned net bags of firewood and kindling available for collection. .

Coming very soon.
A new range of chain saw carved mushrooms. These are more sculptural pieces and look really good in a garden environment.

For more information, pricing and to discuss any specific requirements please contact me at the Norsey Wood Yard.