One off Specials Project list
The following are some of the one off commission that have previously been ordered. All one off commissions will be considered.

Campfire circle
The campfire circle was commissioned by the girl guides for one of their campsites in Essex. It is made up of 10 low log benches measuring 4 foot in length and are very substantial. Part of the brief was that the benches needed to moveable so that they can be put either closer or further away from the central fire but heavy enough that they are not picked up and taken off into the woods. The weight of the benches means that they could be moved by two people but not very far.

Camp Fire Bench Camp Fire Circle Camp Fire Circle

Coffee table
The coffee table was an order that I had been given by my wife. It is made all of Milled Sweet Chestnut, the top is 4 pieces of 5 inch by 5 inch sitting on top of the legs that are 7 inch by 5 inch. This then sits on 4 adjustable feet. Total length is just over 3 foot and weighs a considerable amount. It was all made from green wood (unseasoned) and may over time twist and split considerably as it is in an indoor environment. This type of table would look very good in a garden environment.

Coffee Table Coffee Table