About Norsey Woodland Crafts
I started participating in coppice crafts in 2002 initially as a hobby which has developed into what it is today and is still developing. My products are made from coppiced timber from Norsey Wood but occasionally I will source sustainable timber from other woodlands in Essex for specific projects.

I have a zero waste policy on all wood that is felled from coppicing, which is why I create such a diverse range of products.

There are a numerous benefits to utilising locally produced coppiced products. Mainly it is essential to the woodland management, creating greater diversity. Wildlife like the Dormouse and certain butterflies, such as Pearl Bordered Fritillaries are dependent on coppicing.

Also by using locally made coppiced products you are supporting small traditional business and ensuring that things like fuel miles and carbon emissions are kept to a minimum along with helping to sustain the management of a beautiful woodland.

This is the traditional form of managing woodlands. It is a practice that has been undertaken on and off at Norsey Wood, potentially for the last 2000 years. The first documented evidence shows that a licence was granted in 1280 to the then owner of Norsey wood (The Abbot of Stratford) to be able to sell wood to the value of £10.00, this would equate to approximately 40 acres of woodland.

The general principle is to fell an area of woodland approximately 3 acres per year in the winter season when the trees are dormant. Come the spring the trees start to re grow at a considerable rate and also any dormant seed that have been lying on the woodland floor start to germinate. This creates diversity of plant life that is essential to the balance of the woodland and the wildlife.

Full details regarding copping can be found in the 'Healthy Life Essex article : ‘why are the trees being cut down’

Simon Stock
Proprietor of Norsey Woodland Crafts.
Simon's story can be found in the Healthy Life Essex article :
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Norsey Woodland Crafts is based behind the visitor centre at Norsey Wood. The woodland is owned by Basildon District Council and is open to the public all year round. The woodland has SSSI status and is also a scheduled ancient monument.

Bluebells in Norsey Wood

I am very biased but I feel that Norsey Wood is an exceptionally special woodland and is well worth visiting at various times throughout the year. The carpet of Blue bells that can be seen normally late April is a site to behold.

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